What to Expect During an Initial Colonoscopy Screening

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If you are 45 years old or older, it is time to get a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is an examination of your colon through the rectum to check for colorectal cancer. You must start your colonoscopy tests as early as possible because early detection can help save your life. If you already suspect an ailment it would help if you contact the best general surgeon in Mumbai to do your colonoscopy. This will ensure that you get the best service and quality performance for the procedure.

Before A Colonoscopy 

Before the actual procedure, the doctors will prepare you for the colonoscopy. It will help if you clear your bowels before the examination so that the doctors can see your colon more clearly. You must fast a day before the procedure and take laxatives to ensure that your stomach is empty. The doctors can give you a laxative before the procedure if you feel like something is still inside your bowels.

What Happens In A Colonoscopy?

  • A colonoscopy is a painless and very safe procedure, so you don’t need to be scared or worried.
  • When the procedure starts, the doctors will give you a sedative so that you won’t feel any pain. 
  • Then they insert a thin tube-like device into your rectum and then into your colon. 
  • This device has a camera attached to it so that the doctors can record everything inside your colon.
  • There is also carbon dioxide in the device, so it can expand your rectum and allow the device to go in. 
  • This device records the entire inside of your colon to check for any growths or harmful tissues.
  • If there are any polyps or growths, approach the best general surgeon in Mumbai to have them removed and tested in the lab.
  • If the surgeon finds any tissues in the colon, they will take a sample and send it to the lab for further testing.

After The Colonoscopy 

This procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes, and the surgeon makes sure that they record everything. Once it is over:

  • You should sit in the hospital and wait for a while until the sedative wears off.
  • You should then ask a friend or family member to drive you back home, and you must rest the whole day.
  • You should drink only fluids for the first few hours to stay hydrated and regain energy. 
  • After a few hours, you can start eating again, but you should eat only light food for the first few days.
  • If you overeat, you will put too much pressure on your rectum, and it can cause diarrhea and pain in your bowels.
  • After the procedure, you might also feel bloated and gassy, but that is only because of the carbon dioxide gas. Once you pass this gas out of your system, your bowels will work normally.
  • But if you have a fever or other symptoms, you must consult a doctor for a checkup.
  • You should also go for a checkup if you find blood in your rectum after the colonoscopy.

Why Is A Colonoscopy Important?

The best general surgeons in Mumbai believe a colonoscopy is the best way to check for cancer because:

  • A colonoscopy is a highly effective method to look for polyps and remove them.
  • These polyps are tissue growths that can be painful when you are constipated or during bowel movements.
  • If the doctor finds large polyps, removing them is a good idea because they might be pre-cancer lumps.
  • If the doctor finds any other harmful tissues in your colon, he will take it to the lab for further testing.
  • These tissues could be a sign of cancer, and an early biopsy will help the doctor know what it is and treat it.
  • Also, a colonoscopy will help the doctor discover the problem if you have diarrhea or hemorrhoids. 
  • Lastly, a colonoscopy can also help you treat abdominal pain, unexplained weight reduction, bleeding, and anemia.

How Often Should You Get A Colonoscopy?

It would be best if you got a colonoscopy every 10 years as it helps in the early detection of cancer and helps treat other problems as well. However, if the doctor finds a lot of polyps in your colon, you might have to get a colonoscopy every 5 to 10 years. 

It is always best to consult a specialist and determine how often you should get it done. This can yield significant benefits for you as your overall health will improve, and you can treat any problems before it becomes more serious. 


You must set up your colonoscopy screening as you turn 45 to detect and treat colorectal cancer. This procedure is also helpful in checking for other digestive and abdominal issues. It keeps your bowel movement healthy and will keep you feeling good. You can always consult the best general surgeon in Mumbai to do your colonoscopy safely and effectively.


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