Why else do some patients require personalized vitamins?

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There is no question that personalized vitamins can have a powerful effect on our health. Key word, can. The power that many of these vitamins promise comes from their ingredients. This article discusses what science tells us about the effectiveness of personalized vitamins .


With years of experience seeing thousands of patients and treating a wide variety of conditions. with natural compounds. The wave of the future is here, and it isn’t just a marketing scheme. Personalized vitamins have been the next evolution in vitamin supplementation for years. Now, it’s time to join in on the fun and take control of your health and wellness destiny! By creating your own ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other supplements, you can ensure you are getting the nutrients you need for your body to operate at peak efficiency every day.

correct deficiencies or toxicities that may be affecting your symptoms. If you are looking to buy vitamins that are right for you and your health. Reviewing a list of ingredients may not be enough. The goal is to find out how the ingredients are helping you and your body.

Can find the right product to fit your daily nutritional needs. Including vitamins and minerals, probiotics. Standardized herbal extracts. antioxidants, protein and more. Its made with high-grade ingredients developed using effective extraction processes. guaranteeing results you can trust.

Testing is crucial.


We provide quality supplements that come from organic. whole food sources. Each capsule or teaspoonful of powder contains the highest quality raw material. available at a dose which is not too high or too low. Each ingredient is studied to get the most benefit possible.

The challenge for many today is picking the right. personalized vitamins to support their current health goals.  The goal of this article is to give you an overview of just a few supplements that can help you with your weight loss. Anti-aging. resting energy expenditure, and athletic performance goals.  As always. I am available via the contact information. Ask your patient how much water they drink and their body weight. Use this information to determine their dose.

Why wouldn’t some personalized vitamins seem to work?

Recently, there has been a large increase in the number of scientific studies addressing biomedical individuality. This new information can help you determine your own dietary supplement. needs based on gene variations and may help you identify the correct dosage amounts.

Now, you can take your health into your own hands. With our proprietary amino acid profile and vitamin combinations. We have created the only vitamins line in the world that addresses serious deficiencies.


All studies on nutritional supplements are based on all-cause mortality. The randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses performed on personalized vitamins. always try to show a correlation between the intake of certain nutrients and the risk of dying from certain diseases. By measuring cause specific mortality. we can accurately analyze whether or not supplementation is effective. Even in cases where it is potentially harmful.

Together, we’re better.

If you’re looking for a complete. daily health vitamins that combines antioxidants and adaptogens. our Radical Rejuvenation is your best choice. In this formula we’ve included organic rosehips from wild roses. raw cacao from a leading dark chocolate producer. pomegranate powder from a company certified as “Pesticide Free”. And natural plant extracts that can help to combat oxidative stress and inflammation. This synergistic combination of some of the best health ingredients available today provides lasting detoxification and balancing effects.

A growing number of people are using vitamins to optimize their health, wellness, and performance. It’s difficult to correctly make up for any missing or imbalanced nutrients in your diet. Now there’s an even better way personalized vitamins from Genomic Health. The precision medicine pioneer is entering the multibillion dollar vitamin market with a new line of products called Oncology Care.

Medication adherence has improved.

We all have a little different taste in foods. Our Biggest Body Builder is the most complete multivimins. it’s designed to give you. We want you to feel as fit and energetic as possible. We included nutrients. Get ready to go the extra mile in your workout and see how great you can feel.

We know compliance is important to you and your patients. That’s why we developed our formulas. Just a few drops of these formulas into two bottles of water provides the vitamins. minerals and herbs required to meet the daily requirements for most patient regimens. This can improve your patients’ compliance and tolerability to the prescription.

Personalized vitamins provide all of the same health benefits as regular vitamins. By tailoring dosage to your specific needs. personalized vitamins can address pain nausea. Issues that standard vitamins might not be able to treat effectively.


From toxins to irradiated food, soil depletion to pesticides. it’s clear that what we eat and consume plays a roll in the wellness of our bodies. With personalized vitamin supplements, you can eliminate all these variables that contribute to poor health. By customizing your vitamin routine based on your own needs. A good routine will help you get more out of your body’s natural processes and potentially increase your lifespan and quality of life.


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