Why Taking Extra Care In Times Of Covid-19 Is Important?


When life is busy and stressful, self-care is typically the first thing to go, and individuals often believe that taking time for them is frivolous. However, taking care of your own will help you get through this difficult period and will enable you to better care for others. A self-care plan can help you focus, make decisions, and stay healthy in the middle of the chaos and constant flood of information caused by COVID-19. Many of us have heard this crucial guideline on flight safety recordings, but it’s a good reminder of the significance of self-care.

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If you don’t look after yourself First and foremost, you will be unable to assist yourself or others. Physical separation, excellent respiratory hygiene, and handwashing are all examples of self-care steps you may do daily to protect yourself from COVID-19.

Importance Of Self-Care In Covid-19

Self-care fosters a positive relationship with oneself for the benefit of one’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

It is practically hard to care for others while you are unable to care for yourself. As a result, self-care allows you to develop a healthy mindset, which translates into positive feelings and emotions for those around you.

By taking the time to recharge, you will improve your outlook on life and the outlook of others, as well as produce much lower unhealthy levels of stress. The World Health Organization has defined self-care as the ability of families, people, and communities to support health, prevent illness, encourage health, and manage chronic conditions with help of a health professional.

It is a broad term that includes cleanliness, diet, and lifestyle, as well as the environment and socioeconomic issues. Because most of us are identity or in quarantine, self-care activities at home are critical right now.

Gardening, meditating, listening to music, taking prescribed drugs, calling a friend or loved one, and showering are some examples. You may discover that you rely on self-care to preserve your general well-being.

To avoid the infection and transmission of COVID-19, it is critical to follow recommendations for physical separation, frequent hand-washing, and adequate respiratory hygiene. Women’s self-care includes additional considerations for safety and promoting access to sexual and reproductive.

In Covid-19, How Can I Practice Self-Care?

If you’re not sure how to exercise self-care, please close your eyes and breathe deeply whenever you feel uncomfortable or tense. Eating healthily and getting enough sleep are two of the finest ways to exercise self-care.

Being conscious of your nutrition and sleep pattern will help you develop better habits and improve your overall health. Physical activity and relaxation are other types of self-care. These will let your body relax and clear your thoughts which is especially important after a long day at work.

It is also critical to avoid drug and alcohol usage, as these can contribute to higher stress and a variety of other health issues.

What Does Of Self-Care Mean?

There is no single concept of self, although it is commonly defined as a sequence of behavior taken to improve one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This does not indicate that you are prioritizing yourself over anyone or anything; rather, it means that you are calming and healing to perform to the best of your ability when called upon.

Trying to care only for others to the detriment of you is extremely self-defeating, if not impossible. Self-care can take many forms, from taking a quick stretch work break to practicing a form of meditation at home.

·         Self-care aids in the prevention of stress and anxiety

By including self-care exercises into your regular activities, such as walking or socializing with friends, you give your health and mind time to refresh, rest, and recharge.This allows you to avoid or reduce anxiety levels symptoms.

·         You could be more efficient if you look after yourself

When you take time for yourself and provide your body with the nutrition, relaxation, and movement it requires, you will have more energy to meet the demands of daily life – no matter how odd they may be. Adding greater balance to your daily routine will allow you to be more productive and resilient to pressures.

How To Take Care Of Yourself in Covid-19?

Here are some pointers to help you take care of yourself:

1.      Physical health:

  • Breathing techniques and stretching frequently for physical wellbeing.
  • Aim to sleep for seven to eight hours each night.
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced meal and drink lots of water to fuel your body.
  • Going for a walk-in refreshing place but keeping social distance requirements in mind.
  • Every day, you should exercise.
  • Avoid risky or damaging habits such as substance abuse, excessive gambling, or disobeying public health advice.

2.      Mental health:

  • Concentrate on what you can control.
  • Maintain social relationships with your friends and family by using technology. Consider establishing a regular check-in timetable to provide you with something else to look forward to.
  • Concentrate on the current moment and the things you are grateful for today.
  • Use your personal views and faith as a source of strength.
  • Avoid media that sensationalizes emotions and instead consume dependable news sources that provide facts. If you discover that media and social media are making you worried, limit your contact or take a rest from them.

Things To Do To Save Your Children During School Year

There are lots of things you could be doing to help your children practice self-care during the school year:

Persuade your child that he or she is safe. Let them know it’s fine if they’re upset. Tell them how you deal with stress in your own life.

Maintain consistent routines. Make a timetable that includes both work and leisure or entertaining activities.

Spend some time talking with your youngster about the COVID-19 epidemic. Answer their inquiries and explain COVID-19 knowledge in a manner that your youngster can grasp.


The coronavirus epidemic continues to spread over the world on an unpredictable trajectory. Countries’ health, humanitarian, and socioeconomic policies will affect the strength and speed of recovery. Good nutrition is critical.

People who consume a well-balanced diet have stronger bones and are less likely to suffer from chronic sickness and infectious diseases.


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