WiFi Repeater Causing Problems? Here’s How to Fix Them

WiFi repeater setup

Every networking device has a few limitations. Wireless-N WiFi repeaters are no exceptions. If you have also done Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup in your house or office and your device is creating chaos, this article will help you out.

Here, we have sorted some tested and proven tips using which you can fix the problems that are making your internet experience worse. So, read on.

Fixed: WiFi Repeater Causing Problems

  1. Remember to Reboot

If you regularly reboot your Wireless-N WiFi repeater, then congratulations! You have successfully taken the first step to keep your extender away from issues. Don’t know how? Well, rebooting is the perfect solution to prevent your repeater from clutches of technical glitches.

Although rebooting the repeater does not need technical expertise, however, users are not aware of the correct steps. That is why we have summed up the process in a few simple steps. These are:

Switch off- Set the Power button on your Wireless-N repeater to the OFF position.

Unplug- Remove the repeater from the wall socket.

Wait- Wait for a while and let your WiFi repeater rest.

Re-plug- Connect your Wireless-N repeater back to the wall outlet.

Switch on- Press the Power button on the WiFi repeater and turn it on.

  1. Never Ignore Web Upgrades

If you want your Wireless-N WiFi repeater to maintain its place in the list of outperforming networking devices, you should regularly do web upgrades. Web upgrades are nothing but the firmware or instructions embedded in your repeater that encourages it to perform better. So, outdated firmware can be one of the most prominent reasons behind the WiFi repeater causing problems. Given below is the breakdown of steps explaining the web upgrade process:

Download the latest web upgrade file for your Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

Do Wireless N WiFi repeater login using the default username and password.

Locate the Web Upgrade window.

Look for the web upgrade file and upload it.

The web upgrade process will eat up to a few minutes.

  1. Mind the Repeater-Router Connection

The connection between your repeater and the router can also create Wireless-N WiFi repeater problems. Confused how? Well, the connection between your router and the repeater is that bridge using which every WiFi signal spreads throughout your home. Thus, it needs to be steady for an effective WiFi performance.

The connection can be stabilized in accordance with the source employed. Therefore, if you have used a wireless source, reduce the magnitude of distance between the repeater and the host router. In case a wired source is in the charge, the time to replace the Ethernet cable has come. But, this time do not forget to check the firmness of the connection.

  1. The Repeater’s Placement

Did you relocate your device after WiFi repeater setup? Yes? But, did you know the correct guidelines to place the Wireless-N repeater? Probably not! Else, you won’t have been facing the WiFi repeater problems. Thus, consider relocating your Wireless-N repeater.

Your WiFi repeater’s location should be away from microwave ovens, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, refrigerators, mirrors, fish tanks, etc. Also, concrete walls can block your repeater’s signals. So, make sure your repeater does not stick to a wall.

Bonus! Keep your Wireless-N WiFi repeater in an airy room to prevent its overheating.

  1. Change WiFi Channel

Crowded WiFi channels can also drag you to repeater problems. Thus, it is advised to get them changed. You can change the channel of the repeater by accessing the WiFi repeater login page.

Once you get access to the Wireless-N repeater setup wizard after logging in to your device, consider navigating to the Advanced settings and selecting the least crowded channel width.

Final Words

So, this is how you can eradicate WiFi repeater problems. In case your Wireless-N WiFi repeater is still creating problems, waste no more time resetting it. All the settings from your repeater will get deleted and it will become like a brand new. The WiFi repeater can be reset by pushing the Reset button.

Once done, set up your device from the beginning by visiting the WiFi repeater login page. All the WiFi repeater problems might have bid adieu. So, you can enjoy a lag-free internet connection again. We hope that you liked reading the article. If yes, then leave a comment below.


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