Women Leaders in Data Science: Top Influentials from the Industry

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Women in professional fields are frequently demotivated as a result of gender bias, which results in lower income and few to no possibilities for advancement. Nonetheless, despite the odds, a number of noteworthy women have excelled in this sector and have become role models for the female population. These remarkable women have defied expectations and risen to the top of the Data Science ladder.

Their determination to succeed in a male-dominated sector, as well as their journey to the summit of their achievement in Data Science, has inspired young women and students all over the world to pursue their passions rather than shy away from them out of fear.

Take a look at these incredible ladies who have made it simpler for women to seek careers in this profession.

1.     Daphne Koller

Daphne Koller is a pioneer in the field of machine learning. She is the CEO and creator of Insitro, a company that is attempting to bridge the gap between biomedicine and machine learning. She hopes to solve both of these issues at insitro, as well as a major social issue: developing creative, safe, and effective medications that benefit more people, faster, and at a lower cost.

2.    Anima Anandkumar

Animashree (Anima) Anandkumar is a director of Data Science and machine learning research at NVIDIA and a Bren professor at Caltech’s CMS department. Her work on large-scale machine learning encompasses both theoretical and practical elements. She has led research in unsupervised AI, deep learning, optimization, and tensor approach in particular. She previously worked at Amazon Web Service as a lead scientist, where she enabled machine learning on the cloud architecture.

3.    Prof. Maria Fasli

Prof. Maria Fasli is the first UNESCO Chair in Data Science and Analytics, as well as the director of the University of Essex’s Institute for Analytics and Data Science. She emphasizes the relevance of data for advocating equality and sustainable development as a female professional in the Data Science area.

4.    Emily Glassberg Sands

Emily is Coursera’s Data Science Head. By merging data-driven goods and decisions, she hopes to create a better learning platform. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and has received various accolades and honors from the university. DataHack Radio is the name of her program.

5.    Cathy O’Neil

Professor, mathematician, Data Scientist, and hedge-fund analyst Cathy O’Neil. She founded ORCAA, an algorithmic auditing firm, and wrote the book “Weapons of Math Destruction” as well as articles for The Guardian and Bloomberg. She’s also a TED talk speaker, where she discusses the threats and challenges that big data poses.

6.    Monica Rogati

Monica Rogati previously worked at Jawbone as the VP of Data and as a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn. She now works as an independent AI and Data Science consultant, to assist companies in gaining the maximum strategic and technical value from their data. She is currently employed as a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

7.    Danai Koutra

Danai Koutra got the SIGKDD Rising Star Award from the 2020 Association for Computing Machinery. She has been promoted to Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, where she enjoys teaching. Her large-scale data mining research on scalable and interpretable algorithms for multi-network analysis and network summarisation has received a lot of attention. She is also an Amazon Scholar and an Associate Director for the Michigan Institute for Data Science.

8.    Kate Strachnyi

Kate is the founder of DATAcated, a company that focuses on all things relating to data visualization. She has written four books on various aspects of data visualization. Yes, indeed! When it comes to excelling and becoming a Data Visualisation expert, she is your go-to person.

9.    Medb Corcoran

Medb Corcoran is the current leader of Accenture Labs in Ireland, where she is in charge of artificial intelligence R&D as well as the development of new concepts and prototypes through applied R&D initiatives. She is also a member of the master’s in business analytics advisory board at UCD, where she contributes to the development of DCU’s new bachelor’s degree in Data Science.

10.                    Mathangi Sri

Mathangi has a demonstrated track record of developing world-class data science solutions and products for over 17 years. In the domain of intuitive customer experience and user profiles, she has received 20 patents in total. “Practical Natural Language Processing with Python,” a book she co-authored with Apress and Springer, was recently published. She is currently employed at CredAvenue as the Chief Digital Officer.

11.  Rachel Thomas

Rachel is a professor of practice at the Queensland University of Technology and a co-founder of fast.ai. She has made a significant contribution to the Data Science industry by creating world-class Deep Learning content and courses.

12. Sarah Nooravi

Sarah Nooravi works for Operam as a Senior Data Scientist. She has established herself as a well-known LinkedIn figure who is known for assisting people in the field of Data Science. Sarah is a frequent user of LinkedIn, where she frequently shares articles aimed at advising aspiring Data Scientists and Data Science aficionados on how to succeed in this industry.


Without a doubt, women have the ability to achieve anything, and the aforementioned females who have triumphed in the competitive profession of Data Science are good instances of this. It is more difficult for women to survive in the professional realm of Data Science Jobs, given how much of a male-dominated and male-oriented sector it is, but it is far from impossible.


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